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LTV Steel Company

LTV Steel of Cleveland, Ohio was, at one time, the third largest steel company in the United States, and was a leading supplier to the appliance, automotive, and electrical equipment industries.  The company declared bankruptcy in 2001.

During the time they were in operation, however, LTV Steel Company produced a line of carbon flat rolled-steel products which included hot rolled and cold rolled sheet as well as galvanized and tin mill products. Sales were most often made to the domestic transportation, appliance, container and electrical equipment markets, according to the company’s former website.

The company also produced fabricated products such as mechanical and structural tubular products, and pipe and conduit for use in transportation, agriculture, oil and gas, and construction industries. 

The use of asbestos in steel mills was rampant and included parts of the ovens, such as the “turn arounds”; insulation for steam pipes, boilers and other equipment; ladles; furnace linings; launders; and smelters.  Workers often wore asbestos aprons, leggings, coats, masks, and gloves.  The use of asbestos blankets stopped molten liquids from cooling too quickly.

Those who were probably exposed to asbestos include:

If you were exposed to asbestos at LTV Steel Company or any other steel manufacturer, it’s important to know your rights, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with Mesothelioma.  Order our free Mesothelioma Information Packet for more information.


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